Mexico: army takes control of airport

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In Mexico, the military appears to be diversifying into tourism. It is present in the hotel industry, in the famous Maya train, and in aviation. She has just taken charge of Mexico City’s international airport. Officially, this is to address growing concerns about security and violence. There are surely other interests which are not mentioned at the moment.

The Mexican president has installed the army throughout the country

President López Obrador has launched the deployment of military forces throughout the country. He appointed military personnel to important positions, even in the aviation sector. Following this trend, the Mexico City International Airport and five other airports in the country will be administered by the Navy. Additionally, the management of airport projects such as the Felipe Ángeles and Tulum International Airports falls under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of National Defense.

Mexico City airport

Passengers may be surprised

The Mexico City International Airport therefore passes into the hands of the Navy. While the leadership changes raise questions about their potential impact on operations and the passenger experience, they also highlight the administration’s proactive stance in adapting to the changing aviation landscape.

Mexican President López Obrador

High-ranking soldiers in key positions

Examples of high-ranking military figures holding key positions in Mexico’s civil aviation industry include the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), responsible for overseeing flight operations, now headed by Gen. Miguel Enrique Vallin Osuna.

Mexican airline sector upset

Under the leadership of President López Obrador, Mexico’s aviation sector has undergone significant changes. Among the most notable actions was the cancellation of the Texcoco International Airport project. The project, designed to accommodate 125 million passengers per year with multiple terminals and runways, was halted.

The Mexican government signed a decree declaring the area where the Texcoco International Airport was being built as a protected national park, blocking any possible attempts to restart its construction in the future.

Mexican Aviation

The new Mexicana airline should finally see the light of day

Mexicana de Aviación (which existed a few years ago) is the new pet project of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador administration. The new Felipe Angeles International Airport (NLU) is currently under construction on the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun. The new public carrier will operate exclusively from the Felipe Angeles and Tulum international airports and will be supported by government funding of 4 billion pesos (about $235 million). Of course, the Mexican army will administer the new Felipe Angeles and Tulum airports where Mexicana will be based.

But on the new Mexicana airline, you won’t have to worry about being told “Fasten your seat belt, and that’s an order!” » The Defense Ministry said the airline would lease 10 Boeing 737-800s from the manufacturer, which would provide pilots and cabin crew.

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