Mauritius: tempers are heating up around the conflict between Israel and Hamas

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Even on a rather quiet island, you can find a group of individuals, armed with sticks, who came to interrupt a concert on Saturday evening in Port Louis, causing panicked spectators to flee. It was a concert organized by a hotel group, for good works in favor of underprivileged children. A priori, nothing to do with Israel and Gaza.

The event was held in a historic location, at the Port-Louis citadel, an old fort which dominates the capital.

As the concert was about to end with a song for peace, a few dozen men armed with sticks, iron bars and batons burst in, shouting slogans for Palestine. They took over the stage, destroying the equipment. The few police officers and the security service were overwhelmed. Spectators fled on foot, heading toward the city, some abandoning their cars.

According to the police, these demonstrators had presented themselves at the entrance warning that they would not accept the song for peace planned in the program. The artists did not have time to begin it. The concert ended in general panic.

Ten arrests took place after this incident. The next day, Sunday in Port-Louis, a march for Palestine was held which took place peacefully.

Article published on France Info

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