Mauritius: Cyclone Freddy left its mark

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The cyclone passed Monday more than 100 km from Mauritius causing a strong storm. In an address on Sunday evening, the Prime Minister urged the Mauritian people to take all necessary precautions, to stay at home and to remain “vigilant”.

Mauritius Meteorological Services had issued a class 3 cyclone warning

The estimated gusts in the center of Cyclone Freddy could reach around 275 km / h. Footage from the island showed waves crashing on the shore and palm trees rustling in the wind. As Freddy approached Mauritius, rains and seas caused coastal flooding.

Strong winds and heavy rain

Authorities had issued a danger warning for all coastal districts between Toamasina and Farafangana and inland for Vakinankaratra and Haute Matsiatra regions,” FCDO said in a statement. The cyclone, with wind gusts of up to 120 km per hour, posed a direct threat to Mauritius, its meteorological service said.

Most flights were canceled on Monday

Due to weather conditions, the island’s SSR International Airport was closed and flights canceled on Monday (February 20). Operations restarted on Tuesday morning (February 21) after cyclone warnings lifted. Air Mauritius has confirmed that the canceled flights have been rescheduled.

No government service was working

Shops, banks and gas stations were closed and public transport stopped, leaving streets largely deserted

The cyclone moves towards Madagascar

Powerful Tropical Cyclone Freddy was moving west across the Indian Ocean on Saturday more than a week after forming near Indonesia. It should continue to follow an unusual trajectory towards Madagascar next week.

Freddy is currently set to hit Madagascar around Tuesday next week, and the storm will threaten the island nation with high winds, torrential rains and rough seas when it makes its approach.

The warning comes just days after another powerful tropical cyclone in the southern hemisphere made headlines. Cyclone Gabrielle caused severe flooding in northern New Zealand last weekend and earlier this week, displacing thousands of people and killing at least eight people.

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