Martinique Airport: the high-traffic system in place

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The months of July and August 2023 know Fort de France a rebound in terms of traffic, due to the high influx of travelers during the summer holidays. Aimé Césaire airport and the airlines have therefore set up a system “in order to best support passengers”.

In order to ensure “a better quality of service to users” and allow passengers to travel with complete peace of mind, the Martinique Aimé Césaire Airport Company (SAMAC) and the Association of Representatives of Airline Companies in Martinique (ARCAM) have adapted their systems respective in order to provide the best possible support to passengers. Recommendations for use at the beginning from Fort-de-France airport are as follows:

  • Consult the websites of the airlines beforehand in order to comply with the rules relating to hold and cabin baggage
  • Check in online the day before (until 30 hours before departure) by printing your boarding pass and luggage tag(s) if the feature is offered by the company, to anticipate and facilitate the check-in process. baggage check-in
  • Anticipate your arrival at the Passenger terminal
  • Respect the check-in and baggage drop-off times set by the airlines
  • Carry out police formalities immediately after baggage check-in to improve departure punctuality
  • Report to the boarding lounge at the time indicated by the airline.

Reminder of check-in deadlines (EDT). The airlines begin their check-ins as follows:

  • Air France : from 12:30 p.m., temporarily moved to Zone C – Check-in (gate F) due to works.
  • Air Caribbean (long-haul),
  • Corsair : 4 hours before flight departure

The deadline for registration is fixed at:

  • National flights:
  • H-1h30 before the departure time mentioned on your plane ticket for Air France, Air Caraïbes and Corsair
  • Regional flights:
  • H-30 min for Air Antilles and Air Caraïbes
  • H-45 min for Air France
  • H-60 min for the company SKY HIGH

Regulated access in the boarding lounge: “for better management of the flow of passengers at the entrance to the police filter, security officers come to reinforce the teams in place, thus ensuring fluidity of circulation and access to the boarding area . Resources are pooled, so the filter dedicated to regional flights is activated during this peak period, outside the processing times for these flights to minimize the wait for long-haul passengers”. In addition, voice announcements are programmed to invite passengers to carry out their police filter formalities on time.

Access to parkings smoother: “during this peak period, additional security guards are at the service of our passengers and accompanying persons in order to make access to the car parks more fluid. We remind you that it is forbidden to park in front of the entrances to public car parks and at the level of roundabouts and car park exits.

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