Marabu Airlines: a funny bird, clone of the big brother Condor…

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Marabu Airlines is the name of the last airline to arrive in European skies, which last Saturday made its first connection with the Munich-Palma de Mallorca flight, as soon as it obtained its operator’s license in Talinn.

The new German carrier, based in Estonia, will offer services between Germany and holiday destinations in southern Europe and North Africa, backed by the investment fund Attestor, which also owns 51% of Condor. Marabu currently has three A320s under lease and aims to double its fleet in the coming months.

From Hamburg and Munich, Marabu will therefore head to destinations in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Estonia and Egypt. The Munich hub also includes Split, Croatia. In a second phase, there would be the expansion of the network up to 20 destinations.

For its first summer season, the start of this clone of the airline Condor, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, leaves industry observers a little perplexed.

Why all this? According to Attestor, the travel and tourism sector is recovering much faster than expected after the pandemic and demand continues to increase.

For their part, the circles of the aeronautical industry explain that Condor cannot cover the additional demand itself. Because additional aircraft would have required additional personnel, which must also be trained. As a result, the new airline can get off the ground quickly, as it will use crew and aircraft from Estonian wet-leasing specialist Nordica/X Fly for departures.

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