Malta presents its many events for 2023

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On the Mediterranean island of Malta, you enjoy pleasant, southern temperatures all year round. If for this reason you have difficulty choosing the best time to visit the archipelago, take a look at the calendar of events. Indeed, Malta hosts a host of great concerts and festivals, with themes ranging from fireworks, light and wine to ‘EuroPride’. We present, below, the main highlights of 2023.

April 24-30: “The Malta International Fireworks Festival”

The historic port of Valletta has some enchanting features, but the international fireworks festival gives it an extra touch of magic. For seven evenings, the best pyrotechnicians in the world will launch their finest rockets into the air. And this to the rhythm of the music.

May 20: “Lejl Imkebbes – Festival of Lights”

Next to the largest island of Malta, you will discover Gozo. On this picturesque island, the historic town of Cittadella will bathe, on May 20, in the warm light diffused by no less than 30,000 candles. The light from these candles will give you a unique view of the hilly landscape and the coastline.

May 31 – June 4: “Days Like These”

Not all activities necessarily take place overnight, as “Days Like These” proves. This festival celebrates urban music and brings together various international artists. Between two dances, you will taste the cuisine of the world.

June 16-25: “Malta International Arts Festival”

Music, dance, theatre, visual art, modern installations, films and even heritage events will be on offer at the Maltese Arts Festival. Another very pleasant point: this festival will extend over the whole of the archipelago and will take you to many emblematic sites and monuments.

June 21-25: “Malta International Wine Festival”

During the international wine fair, you will taste no less than 400 exceptional wines, from all over the world and from the sublime Maltese terroir, of course. In the meantime, you’ll talk to passionate winemakers and enjoy live music.

July 9: “BBC Concert Orchestra – Celebrating 100 years of Hollywood”

Some 70 professional musicians and 20 extraordinary singers form the prestigious “BBC Concert Orchestra”. On July 9, they will travel to Malta and take you through Hollywood history. Thus, they will play the imperishable tunes of “La La Land”, “Top Gun”, “James Bond”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Greatest Showman”, “Dirty Dancing”…

July 11-15: “Malta Jazz Festival”

The streets of Valletta will turn into a big dance floor during the “Malta Jazz Festival”. You will explore all aspects of jazz. This festival will attract not only world famous musicians but also local talents.

19-25 July: “Malta International Food Festival”

If you love foreign food, the ‘Malta International Food Festival’ is perfect for you. Over seven days you will savor countless international dishes and get to know the typical Maltese terroir. You will enjoy!

August 13-16: “Glitch Festival”

“Glitch” will shake Malta, right to its foundations. This festival will offer no less than seven stages and a powerful electronic rhythm. You will participate in an exclusive party around a swimming pool, on a roof, or a rave in a cave, for example. Even the Belgian DJ Charlotte de Witte will be on the bill.

September 1-2: “André Rieu – Live in Concert”

The 1er and September 2, Grandmaster André Rieu will arrive in Floriana, the charming suburb of Valletta. Accompanied by the “Johan Strauss Orkest”, made up of sixty musicians, he will play his most famous classics. With his Stradivarius violin dating from 1732, he will offer you romantic ballads, pieces of classical music and world-famous hits.

September 7-17: “EuroPride Valletta”

EuroPride aims to achieve equal rights for all. A goal that this festival pursues in a very colorful and festive way. For eleven days, you will attend LGBTQ+ conferences, art exhibitions, parties, dance performances, plays and film screenings. The highlights on the program will be the “Gozo Pride March”, which will take place on September 9, and the “EuroPride”, with a magnificent concert, which will take place on September 16.

October 21: “Rolex Middle Sea Race”

The “Rolex Middle Sea Race” is one of the most prestigious and difficult sailing races in the world. On September 21, the impressive group of participants will set off from the port of Valletta, to the sound of a loud cannon shot. Then you will see them sailing out to sea, at full speed.

From the beginning of December: “Il-Milied”

For the Christmas fans among us, December is a dream month to travel to the Maltese Islands. “Il-Milied”, which means Christmas with us, is a widely celebrated holiday. The festivities even begin at the beginning of the month! Several Christmas markets will brighten up the streets, and you’ll find decorations everywhere. From “Fairyland”, a real Santa Claus village, equipped with a Ferris wheel and located in Valletta, to the splendid fireworks at New Year’s, you will certainly not be bored in Malta, during the end of the year. .
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