Malloy T400 in Ukraine: from ambulance drone with stretcher to transport drone

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Ukraine has received a new drone from the United Kingdom: the T400. Produced by Malloy Aeronautics, it is designed primarily for logistics transport but also for CASEVAC. This last configuration allows it to transform into a real ambulance drone by attaching a stretcher and its injured person under the drone.

The T400 in Ukraine

The Kingdom has delivered Malloy T400 drones to Ukraine. This is the official account of the British Ministry of Defense on X which confirms the information (below). Developed and produced by the English company Malloy Aeronautics, this 370 kg octocopter drone is capable of carrying a load of 180 kg over a distance of 19 kilometers (70 km empty) at a cruising speed of 126 km/h (68 nodes). It has redundant systems (avionics, flight system, batteries) allowing the pilot to concentrate as best as possible on the flight and not the drone. Moreover, the company that developed and built this drone has planned an easy-to-use system, including refueling on the ground after a flight: the batteries providing the energy necessary for the motors can be removed without requiring lengthy technical intervention. and complex. In fact, with a set of batteries charged and on standby, “refueling” on the ground is quick. It is also an all-weather drone, including atmospheric conditions below zero degrees.

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