Maldives: beyond BeOnd… soon another national long-haul airline?

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In the wake of The company, BeOnd, (understand “beyond”, beyond, in English) aims to offer a “private jet” experience using narrow-body aircraft (rather than the wide-bodies often used on routes to the Maldives) and by offering a fully premium cabin with reclining seats. Based in Malé, the capital, the new premium class airline is expected to start flying next November with a small fleet of Airbus A319s with 44 business class seats. It will serve Malé from Munich and Zurich, with a stop in Riyadh to refuel.

BeOnd, which is jointly owned by UAE-based Arabesque and Maldivian hotel company SIMDI, wants to take passengers directly to the island, rather than connecting at a hub, as Emirates, Qatar Airways do and Turkish Airlines.

In its debut, Beond will have fares from Europe starting at around 4,500 euros round trip, but increasing during the high season, that is, from December to April in the three booking classes: Delight, Bliss Experience and Opulence Experience.

What will the new national company be like?

However, according to the latest news from local media, Maldives investors are also betting on a new long-haul airline that will connect the islands to Europe, China and Russia. The two Maldivian state-owned companies, Maldives Fund Management Corporation MFMC and Island Aviation Services, want to establish a long-haul airline together, as they already have experience in running airlines by operating Maldivian together.

Indeed, the archipelago has its own airline, Maldivian Airlines, which currently serves national and regional destinations in India and Bangladesh and the main airport of Male is also well connected by major international companies.

Not one, but two cases to follow, so…

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