Malaysia Airlines restores full on-board catering

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Malaysia Airlines has finally reinstated its full on-board food and beverage offering from its hub of Kuala Lumpurafter suddenly dropping his catering supplier since 26 yearson September 1st.

For two and a half months, the Malaysian national airline has been offering a refined offering on many of its flights following the decision to end its long-standing partnership with the “flagship caterer” Brahim’s Food Service. When Malaysia Airlines fired Brahim’s, it had not found a new catering partner. It therefore had to rely on pre-packaged meals on many of its shorter flights, while a revised service had to be quickly implemented for long-haul flights. Customers with special dietary requirements, including religious restrictions, were even asked to bring their own food as the airline could not prepare food. special meals during the transition. Rather than looking for a new specialist catering supplier, Malaysia Airlines decided to consolidate its entire catering operations into internal, creating a temporary distribution center and catering warehouse. One of the reasons it took Malaysia Airlines so long to restore full onboard service is that the carrier had to create its own catering company from zero.

The resumption of tenders corresponds to the delivery of ten more high-capacity trucks in late October that deliver catering supplies on board the aircraft to complement an existing fleet of 14 trucks, as well as six freezers, two coolers and two washing machines specials for all reusable catering supplies that come off an airplane. Malaysian Airlines group managing director Datuk Izham Ismail described the decision to drop Brahim as a “essential transition”, although the airline has not publicly confirmed why it dropped its longtime partner. He will continue to strengthen its core offering as a premium airline by committing to enhancing the on-board dining experience by offering more options, curated deals and variety to all its passengers. “We have undertaken this essential transition in our on-board catering to improve our offers and services while developing our capabilities, with customers remaining our center of gravity”, did he declare. Malaysia Airlines manages an average of 18,000 meals per day in collaboration with its partners. Malaysia Airlines has also introduced an updated menu that provides passengers with choices ” delicious ” and dishes inspired by the destination.


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