Madagascar Airlines: codeshare with Corsair on the Tananarivo-Paris route

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While it has temporarily abandoned its international flights to France, Madagascar Airlines announced a codeshare agreement with Corsair on the link Tananarivo-Paris.

The Malagasy company will still be able to sell tickets to Paris thanks to the code sharing concluded with Corsair International. The director of programs and partnerships of Madagascar Airlines, Haja Raelison, announced this on Monday while the general director of the company, Thierry de Bailleul (a former Air France, Emirates, Qatar Airways), presented the new strategic directions to return it to profitability. Corsair will thus let Madagascar Airlines affix its code to the flights it will carry out on this route. The flights will be operated by Corsair aircraft while the tickets will be marketed by the two companies with their own flight numbers. This codeshare will allow Madagascar Airlines to connect the capital of Madagascar to Paris on two weekly frequencies with a Airbus A330-300 or one A330-900. “With this new service, customers will have the same prices as those of Madagascar Airlines, the same Malagasy franchises. The difference is that these planes will land at Orly via Reunion instead of Charles de Gaules”he explains.

It should be noted that Thierry de Bailleul, the general director of the Malagasy national company, mentions a “temporary measure”pending acceptance of a financing plan with partners for the own acquisition ofwide-body aircraft. According to him, this provision still demonstrates Madagascar’s desire to return to the long-haul.

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