Lyon Saint-Exupéry wants to improve the fluidity of the passenger journey

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The Directorate of the Border Police (PAF) and VINCI Airports in Lyon Saint-Exupéry join forces to take monthly stock of waiting time that passengers encounter at cross-border checkpoints.

Against the backdrop of welcoming major world events such as the Rugby World Cup in 2023 or Olympic Games And Para-Olympics of 2024, and with a joint desire to improve the passenger experience, VINCI Airports in Lyon and the Border Police are deploying an action plan to streamline the passenger journey at the airport Lyon-Saint Exupéry.

Since June 2023, 40 sworn personnel from civil society have joined the ranks of the Border Police in charge of cross-border controls at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. This measure is also accompanied by the expansion of countries eligible for PARAFE installed at the airport. SAS PARAFE at facial recognition now accept automatic control of nationals from 8 countries outside Europe (Australia, Canada, South Korea, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan) in addition to European countries already in the PARAFE system. The number of countries eligible for SAS PARAFE will continue to increase in the coming weeks, in line with regulations and technological developments.

These new measures help to speed up and streamline the passenger journey, while maintaining the required level of control. In partnership with the Border Police Department, a monthly report on waiting times at border controls is carried out. It will be published each month on Newsroom Lyon Aéroport

Last July and August, a busy period in terms of passengers, respectively 89.10% and 89.85% of controls were carried out in less than 10 minutes. For information, the maximum waiting time objectives for the Border Police at airports, set by the Prime Minister during the Interministerial Tourism Council of July 26, 2017, are 30 minutes for European nationals and 45 minutes for non-European. “These major international events, current and future, place France and its airports at the heart of the world. At VINCI Airports in Lyon, we are happy to work with the Police services to make the trip of these visitors from all over the world an excellent memory and also to make the journey smoother for all of our passengers.” testifies Tanguy Bertolus, Chairman of the management board of Aéroports de Lyon in a press release.

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