Luxury themed Easter getaways with VistaJet

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VistaJet, a global business aviation company, delivers ultimate travel experiences through its network of more than 700 premium international partners.

With his offer Private WorldVistaJet connects its members with an exclusive portfolio of partners, hotels, resorts, private islands, yachts and destinations around the world, to make them feel at home wherever they are of the planet and anytime.

Here are some getaway ideas for the Easter holidays:

FOR ART LOVERS: Discover the mystery of Van Gogh’s ear with Ariodante

This extraordinary tailor-made artistic adventure retraces the life, work and psychology of Vincent Van Gogh in order to understand how and why he came to be injured. It will take you on a journey into the intimacy of Van Gogh’s life, immersing you in the revolutionary post-impressionist movement that forever changed the course of art history and continues to inspire countless modern artists. and contemporaries.

During this immersive adventure, you will have access to world-renowned private collections, reserves and restoration workshops and enjoy private visits to the Orsay Museum in Paris or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam…among others. Embark on this thrilling treasure hunt through history and art to discover this famous mystery, in the company of the greatest experts and historians.

TO TRACE HISTORY: Decipher ancient Egypt with Pelorus

With a private Egyptologist guide, travel from wonder to wonder through Egypt. Lovers of exhilarating sensations, parachute over the pyramids of Giza and go quad biking in the desert to discover fantastic ancient structures. As you approach Luxor, cycle through the traditional villages of the west bank of the Nile and travel to the Valley of the Kings, this breathtaking sacred valley that was once the cemetery of the pharaohs. Finally, board your private Dahabiya, this sumptuous traditional sailboat to travel to Aswan, visit the iconic temple of Abu Simbel, go windsurfing in the dunes, fish on the banks of the Nile with pharaonic methods traditional, moor on islands in front of breathtaking sunsets then dine by the fire while observing the stars.

TO GO BACK IN TIME: Step into watchmaking dynasties with The Luminaire

Discover the history of watchmaking from the 16th century to the present day through private tours of Geneva’s finest watch collections, learn the art of Swiss mechanical watches and fine watchmaking in prestigious workshops, and practice watchmaking professions during a workshop with a master. Extend the experience to the Vallée de Joux, cradle of fine watchmaking, to continue to La Chaux-de-Fonds, listed by UNESCO for its watchmaking urbanism, and enjoy a private visit to the remarkable International Museum of Watchmaking. watchmaking and the Center for the restoration of old timepieces. A true adventure through time itself.

TO TRAVEL TO THE HEART OF SPRING: Stroll under the cherry blossoms of Japan with Ariodante

This journey begins in Tokyo to discover the sometimes contradictory but simply unique mix of the city. Fly to the north of Hokkaido Island to explore Shiretoko and Akan-Mashu National Parks and meet the Ainu people before visiting Jamon and its prehistoric remains. These two weeks in the land of the rising sun you will immerse yourself in the country’s rich ancestral culture and its present, exploring its complex history and traditions and, of course, discovering the unparalleled beauty of its landscapes and nature. The possibilities are endless and to create lasting memories instead, you will have the privilege of accessing an imperial villa, an incredible collection of ancient Japanese art, attending a rare taiko performance, meeting one from Japan’s most renowned calligraphy artists for a magical experience in a secret temple, and more. lIQRcCpTMt92xaYbu6BqHE_EURQJb1MhseWcbc1bu1Kz5YaAi6cEALw_wcB

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