Luxair will expand its radius of action

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Luxair has announced the purchase of two Boeing 737-8s, whose delivery is scheduled for 2026. In the meantime, as an interim solution, the Luxembourg airline will temporarily lease two other 737-8s under leasing contract that it will operate with its own aircrew until the delivery of the new aircraft.

Luxair will operate more long-haul flights

“This device will be used for the longest flights such as those currently operated to Dubai, Cape Verde and Senegal, but also on the rest of the Luxair network, explains the airline. Thanks to these new aircraft, Luxair will even be able, in the near future, to extend its network of destinations for ever more distant journeys and thus offer new perspectives to its passengers”.

“More comfortable for passengers” experience

The Boeing 737-8s will have a capacity of up to 186 seats with a layout offering a “more comfortable” flight experience. “On board, passengers will be able to benefit from a more spacious cabin, better seating comfort, more spacing between seats than the average of other airlines as well as larger luggage compartments for more storage space in the cabin,” emphasizes Luxair.

The Luxembourg airline is negotiating

It should be noted that Luxair and Boeing are in negotiations for the purchase of two additional aircraft of this same type for delivery scheduled for 2027. Planes which should land on the tarmac at Findel by 2026, Gilles Feith has just announced . A Luxair director commenting on the operation in words rather than numbers: “Today marks the beginning of the journey to secure our long-term future”. Not long ago, at the microphone of RTL, the director of the company recalled his ambition to offer 90 destinations in 2023.

A word from Michel Ghesquière

“not only is the TO of the Luxair group (luxair tour) dominant in the Grand Est and the east of Belgium, but now the airline wants to expand the number of its destinations. This situation will surely hinder Brussels Airlines but also Air France”

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