Lufthansa: “Seating Robot” and “AutoTOBT”, two tools to facilitate connections

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Lufthansa implemented two new ground procedure optimization servicesSeating Robot ” And ” AutoTOBT ”, which significantly influence the transfer process in Frankfurt and Munich airports.

Before leaving, ” Seating Robot » checks the connection time of all Economy class passengers concerned. He compares it with the minimum transfer time, that is to say the time a passenger must have to change planes without stress. If the deadline is tight, “Seating Robot” allocates a better placed seat to the passengers concerned, provided that they have not reserved a seat in advance. Tests carried out in Frankfurt from March to June showed that “ Seating Robot » could be used in different scenarios and that it was useful. The choice of seat offered increases the chances of not missing the connecting plane.

The punctuality of takeoff depends not only on the smoothness of the boarding procedure, but also on the smooth running of the tasks of all other participants in the process. The time when the recording is finished, called ” Target Off-Block Time » (TOBT), is one of the essential reference criteria. This schedule is used to plan the famous rotations, that is to say the periods which separate the landing from the next departure.

Until now, this planning was based on average schedules, estimated according to the type of aircraft used. But this rough method was not ideal, according to Lufthansa. “ AutoTOBT » is a new automatic calculation base which makes it possible to predict the end of the procedure much more precisely. However, reliable forecasts are essential to guarantee smooth rotations. The introduction to “ AutoTOBT » has significantly improved the quality of these forecasts and the system is the subject of permanent development within the German airline.

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