Lufthansa offers teen $500 over spilled hot coffee

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A teenager who was traveling with Lufthansa to Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport was offered 500 dollars compensation by the airline after a flight attendant spilled water on him hot coffee during meal service.

In a report from CTV News Toronto, Jack Hayden, 19, says he flew from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Budapest in July 2023. It was Hayden’s first trip abroad and things went well until the second leg of the trip, from Frankfurt to Budapest. According to Hayden, coffee and tea were offered before landing, and the flight attendant placed the Cup of coffee at an angle that caused the hot drink to spill directly onto the right side of his lower body.

Hayden said the first thing he felt was pain and burn, later claiming he suffered second-degree burns from the accidental spill. However, it was the flight attendant’s reaction that bothered Hayden the most. The teen said the flight attendant simply said ” Oh no “ before continuing to serve drinks to other passengers. Hayden said that for the remainder of the flight he was unable to fasten his seat belt because of the pain and had difficulty sleeping during the first few days of his trip.

Upon arrival in Budapest, Hayden went to a pharmacist, who told him that he had suffered second-degree burns and prescribed him some drugs which Hayden duly applied throughout his journey. Hayden’s burns had healed when he returned to Toronto, so he did not seek medical attention in Canada.

Hayden and his mother received correspondence with Lufthansa, which was seen by CTV News. An email sent by Lufthansa Customer Relations September 15, 2023 indicates: “We would like to inform you that no injury report was filed on board the flight by your son and we are still awaiting a response from the crew if they recall the incident.” Lufthansa also offered to compensate Hayden for the sum of 500 dollarsthe amount maximum which the airline said it could offer without any medical documents or invoices being provided. Hayden insists that all he wants from the airline is accountability for the incident and an apology.

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