Lufthansa is already canceling many flights this summer

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Lufthansa has canceled around 34,000 flights for the summer flight schedule. Especially at peak times, the offer is apparently reduced to avoid further chaos at the airports.

German company confirmation

Lufthansa has adjusted the 2023 summer flight schedule from Frankfurt and Munich,” Wirtschaftswoche newspaper quoted a Lufthansa spokesperson as saying. The airline group does not wish to comment on the number of 34,000 flights. It is still possible that more daily deletions could be added. Above all, Lufthansa wants to cut flights on lines offered several times a day, for which it can offer a replacement.

A lack of staff at airports

Due to a lack of employees at security checks and when loading and unloading machines, passengers have to wait for hours at almost all airports during hand luggage checks. Several thousand vacationers have missed their flights because of this. This is why the airlines had launched a concerted campaign with airports and service providers within the framework of the professional association BDL. “We want to jointly develop a management tool so that we can recognize and react in time when bottlenecks appear”,

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