Lufthansa Group installs “shark skin” on 20 Boeing 777s

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Lufthansa Group equips more than 20 aircraft in its fleet with the technology AeroSHARKA bionic adhesive film which attaches to the fuselage and engine nacelles of aircraft, to reduce the friction resistance and reduce the fuel consumption.

So far, 13 long-haul aircraft -ten Boeing 777-300ER operated by the subsidiary SWISS and three Boeing 777F operated by the subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo– have already been fitted with the ingenious adhesive film. A Lufthansa Boeing 747 is also carrying out test flights with this “ shark skin » since 2019.

Developed by Lufthansa Technik and BASF, AeroSHARK coating technology is a “ surface film » consisting of protrusions the size of a micrometer, which “ imitates the properties of shark skin » and therefore optimizes the aerodynamics of the parts linked to air flow. This means that less fuel is required overall: on the 777F, Lufthansa Technik estimates a reduction in drag of “ more than 1% “, representing annual savings of more than 4,000 tonnes of kerosene and just under 13,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions for the ten cargo planes, “ the equivalent of 53 cargo flights from Frankfurt to Shanghai “.

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