Lufthansa deliberates between Airbus, Boeing and Embraer for a future order of 80 planes

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THE Lufthansa group plans to order a total of 80 new planesthe three manufacturers Boeing, Airbus And Embraer all being under study.

According to the German website aeroTELEGRAPH, the group’s managing director, Carsten Spohr, confirmed the news of the potential order during an internal communication with employees in October 2023. Carsten Spohr expressed his interest in‘Airbus A220 and the series Embraer E2 for operations short haul. It is understood that the order would be for 40 aircraft, all of which would be destined for Lufthansa’s new carrier, City Airlinesscheduled to launch in 2024. During the call, Spohr added that the group is studying 40 medium-haul aircraft additional, to choose between Airbus A320neo and the Boeing 737 MAXwithout further details on the subsidiary of the group which would receive them.

If the A320 neo family is already part of the Lufthansa group fleet, it is not yet a customer of the 737 MAX. During a press conference on the quarterly figures, Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr said on Thursday, November 2: “Depending on the outcome of the campaigns, we may have more diversification within the company on short-haul routes, just as we do on long-haul routes. » Reading between the lines, this would mean that the MAX would have reasonable chances for a company of the group’s size.

Also during a press conference on November 2, 2023, Spohr confirmed that in summer 2024, its first long-haul flight will be operated with the new cabins of first class Allegris. Lufthansa will also launch its new economy, premium and business class seats.

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