Lufthansa closer to ordering single-aisle aircraft

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Lufthansa approaches an order of approximately eighty narrow-body aircraft. Half of them will be intended for City Airlinesthe new subsidiary that Lufthansa is creating for its European operations.

German aviation website reported earlier this week that Lufthansa CEO, Carsten Spohr, had discussed the new order in a video presentation with staff representatives. Although he is a loyal Airbus customer, Spohr said requests for proposals had been submitted to both Airbus and Boeing for the A320neo and MAX family. We knew that Lufthansa would like to order 40 Embraer E2s or Airbus A220 for its new City Airlines, as Spohr explained to staff in an internal video on Wednesday (October 11).

The group also wants to order 40 larger narrow-body planes. “It will be either the A320 or the Boeing 737 MAX,” Spohr explains in the video. The decision on the two orders – for 40 A220s or Embraer E2s and more than 40 A320 neos or Boeing 737 MAXs – will probably be made this winter. “And after that we have no more money and have to make money again before ordering more planes”declares the boss of the Lufthansa group.

Although Lufthansa has operated numerous Boeing 737s in the past, its last Boeing 737 flight took place in the fall of 2016. Its short and medium-haul fleet today consists only of aircraft from the family. A320CEO Or neo.

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