Lufthansa celebrates Oktoberfest with staff in Bavarian uniforms

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For’Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest) which started this weekend in Munich, flight attendants and stewards of Lufthansa wear traditional uniforms on certain routes from the German airline’s hub in Bavaria.

The German airline operated a “ Dirndl flight » (traditional Bavarian dress) from Munich to Mexico, followed on September 24 by another “ Dirndl flight » from Munich to Washington, DC Instead of the classic Lufthansa uniform, the flight attendants wear dirndls, while the men wear leather pants. It has been tradition for many years for Lufthansa cabin crew to wear a dirndl and leather pants on certain flights from Munich to German, European and intercontinental destinations during Oktoberfest. Ground staff serving passengers at Terminal 2 at Munich Airport also wear traditional Bavarian clothing.

This year, the dress “ Dirndl » by Lufthansa is once again designed by the house of Angermaier, a Munich specialist in costume design. The style changes but the colors remain those of Lufthansa (yellow, blue, white). All materials have been sustainably manufactured, produced in Europe with fabrics woven exclusively in Austria.

In the sky, it’s also the Oktoberfest. Lufthansa is offering Bavarian specialties in First and Business class until the end of September. In the lounges of Terminal 2 at Munich Airport, it’s also Oktoberfest, where traditional Bavarian specialties will also be served. Prost!

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