Lufthansa announces a new cabin on its Airbus A320s for 2025

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From spring 2025, Lufthansa will successively equip 38 Airbus A320 in service on the short and medium-haul flights with a new cabin “innovative“.

The German airline promises “significantly more comfort and at a premium level“, with more space for hand luggage, a USB charging port, a tablet/smartphone holder and more legroom.

In this future cabin, the large overhead compartments will be able to hold up to twice as many suitcases or handbags, as luggage can be stored vertically and much more quickly and comfortably in the compartments. A dedicated USB port will be available at each seat to charge mobile devices.

For the first time, Lufthansa will equip all its seats with a special holder for tablets and smartphones. Passengers will thus be able to watch films and series much more comfortably on their own devices without having to hold the devices in their hands or place them on the folding table.

Finally, the new seats from the Italian manufacturer Geven will also provide more legroom with the same seat spacing thanks to the ergonomic shape of the backrests. For the moment, the German airline has not yet published images of the interior of its new cabin.

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