Lufthansa and its pilots agree on a new collective agreement

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THE Lufthansa pilots have obtained compensation increases of more than 17% in total ending a wage dispute which had been going on for several months.

We have reached a compromise result after a year and a half of negotiations“, the German airline pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) announced yesterday, welcoming an agreement valid until the end of 2026. Lufthansa (including its cargo branch) has agreed to increase the wages of some 5,200 pilots by 17% in total over three years. Added to this is a single payment of 3.75% of the annual fixed salary, capped at 3,000 euros, and an improvement in variable compensation based on the performance of the airline.

Nearly 95% of pilots who are members of the union have taken part in the consultation organized since the beginning of August, according to Vereinigung Cockpit, the only pilots’ organization, and 65.5% voted in favor of the agreement.

This collective agreement with Vereinigung Cockpit will bring additional stability in our operations and therefore also more reliability for our customers.“said Michael Niggemann, member of the Lufthansa Group Board of Directors and head of the Labor department. “With it, we not only improve the remuneration of our pilots, but also their ability to maintain an effective balance between their profession and their private life.“.

This new agreement is not easy for us to conclude from an economic point of view“, commented Michael Niggemann. “But its long-term nature provides Lufthansa with a solid planning basis for the years to come, especially for its anticipated long-haul growth. The fact that the new agreement was reached amicably around the negotiating table also strengthens our social partnership.”

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