Lufthansa: a new, wider luggage compartment for its Airbus A320s

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The German company Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), a joint venture between the Singaporean company ST Engineering And Airbusspecializing in aircraft conversion to freighter and modifications and upgrades of lightweight components and cabin systemsannounced this week that Lufthansa was the first customer to install “Airspace L Bins” on Airbus single-aisle aircraft.

THE Airspace L Bins are new luggage compartments enlarged aircraft designed for narrow-body Airbus aircraft. From the beginning of 2025, Lufthansa will have 38 Airbus A320 modernized with the new Airspace L Bins, which optimize the use of cabin space by creating 60% more space for cabin baggage compared to traditional systems. As EFW explains, the cabin retrofit system can be installed in 3-5 days with minimal modifications to the aircraft.

In May 2023, the German company was defined by Airbus as manufacturer of Airspace L Bins for the A320 family. This choice came after close collaboration between EFW and the Airbus design team to develop a suitable, cost-effective and durable upper compartment product. “We know from our conversations with airline customers that larger compartments are clearly needed to improve the passenger experience”explains Charbel Youzkatli, head of commercial services at Airbus in Europe. “As with the XL compartments, the L compartments offer more space with the added benefit of a plug and play adaptation. We are delighted to see Lufthansa be the first to offer L Bins to its passengers and to benefit from the efficiency benefits this brings during stopovers between flights. »

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