Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024 chooses sustainable destinations and against overtourism

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The Best in Travel from the famous Australian guide Lonely Planet returns again in 2024 in paper format to celebrate the first 50 years of existence with a list of 50 favorite destinations.

These are travel proposals for the coming year: all the suggestions for candidate destinations collected from collaborators and partner publishers of the LP are sent to be examined by a committee which selects the final rankings, for an operation which takes place on a global level throughout the world.

This year’s theme is in line with industry news: suggesting destinations to avoid overtourism. Let’s take a look at the chosen destinations.

Spain, at the top of the “sustainable travel” category

Among the key destinations in 2024, Spain stands out which, thanks to the work carried out by the Ministry of Tourism to encourage off-season travel, develop renewable energies, distribute visitors throughout the year and bring visitors to previously neglected destinations, are at the top of the sustainable travel rankings. Still in the sustainability category, the guide advises borrowing the Portuguese Way, a scenic journey through Portugal and Spain that invites visitors to slow down and discover ancient cities. The Iberian Peninsula is also at the top of the regions to visit, with the awarding of the prize to Pays Basque.

Travel tips in different categories

Mongolia, with its wide open spaces, the charm of adventure travel and its particular culinary and musical culture, ranks first among the countries, followed by India and Morocco on the podium, while the Trans Dinarica cycle route in the Western Balkansa route between eight countries to discover Unesco sites, national parks and villages, takes first place among the regions.

The first city to discover is Nairobi – followed by Paris and Montreal – which frees itself from the colonial spirit to welcome travelers at its own pace, with a series of restaurants inspired by local cuisine and a constant rotation of places of art and culture.

Tuscany, 3eme on the podium of the regions…

In the region category, Tuscany stands out for its slow pace of life and for the recent Etruscan discoveries of San Casciano. 2024 is also the birthday year of Cosimo I de’ Medici who, with his appointment as Magnus dux Etruriae, legitimized the Etruscan identity of Tuscany. The Medici family is also at the center of one of the most important Unesco properties in Tuscany: the 14 Medici villas and their gardens located between Florence and its surroundings. In the region, there are also 16 world heritage properties.

Slow travel is also valued through the constant development of night trains in Europe.

In the “cheap destinations” category…

The Midwest, one of the most underrated regions in the United States, ranks first in the affordable destination category, with its vibrant cities and food scene.

Best in Travel 2024 also offers a new look at more well-known destinations, such as Mexicoand reveals some little-known wonders like Uzbekistan, Donegal in Ireland and Izmir in Türkiye. But also Kangaroo Island which is recovering from the 2020 bushfires and remains one of South Australia’s great ecotourism destinations.

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