London Stansted obtains authorization to expand its terminal

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The airport of London Stansted has received planning permission to expand its existing terminal from the UK Planning Inspectorate.

The airport, which saw a rapid rebound after the pandemic Covid-19 with 27 million passengers in the last 12 months, obtained authorization following a hearing on October 17. This means Stansted will be able to expand its terminal by 16,500 square meters to create a hall boarding larger, additional shops, bars and restaurants, as well as capacity for luggage additional and more corridors of security.

“The expansion will allow the airport to improve its capacity during peak periods and provide the additional space required to accommodate anticipated growth”, Stansted said in a statement. Gareth Powell, chief executive of Stansted, described the planning decision as“great news for our passengers, our colleagues, airport partners and the region we serve.” “Stansted is now entering a new phase of its history, as we seek to serve more passengers than ever before”added Powell. “Our unique and growing route network, together with our easy access to and from London and the East of England, provides a fantastic platform to build on. Our goal is to be the airport of choice for even more passengers, and we are confident that we can achieve this goal by further improving our facilities and attracting even more airlines to the airport to offer the best range of destinations. »

The airport currently has a passenger cap of 43 million per year, which was increased from a previous limit of 35 million passengers two years ago. Stansted is part of the Manchester Airports Group, which also manages Manchester and other airports. East Midlands UK.


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