London-Heathrow: soon a paid queue skipper at security checks?

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Going through security at one of the world’s largest airports is going to get easier, but it will come at a price… London Heathrow, Europe’s largest airport, has launched the ‘Heathrow Timeslot’, which allows passengers to reserve a security check slot in advance.

The new reservation system is currently on a six-month free trial at Terminal 3. Travelers can book their slot now on the airport’s website services/VQRP

Heathrow Terminal 3 serves airlines such as American Airlines, Emirates and local carrier Virgin Atlantic. As the trial period progresses, other airlines may be added.

This is a useful solution for families and groups of up to five people who can book at the same time. Travelers can reserve their place up to three days before departure and the airport reminds them to check with their specific airline for baggage drop-off or check-in deadlines.

This procedure, if it becomes widespread, could make it compulsory to charge for slots at other airports, under the pretext of lack of staff or an increase in the volume of air passengers. Currently, only the non-obligatory paid express lines, offered in many terminals around the world, make it possible to avoid queues.

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