London-Gatwick: eight days of strikes planned for August

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Nearly 230 ground workers of the airport London-GatwickBritain’s second busiest, will pose eight days of strike this month due to salary disagreementsannounced their union Unite.

The strikes will take place in several phases, from August 18 to 28, and will end on a public holiday in Great Britain. They will disrupt or delay more than 200 flights in the first four days, Unite estimated. Ground agents and other personnel negotiate with their employers, all of whom are subcontractors for the London-Gatwick manager.

In July and early August, several announced strikes at London-Gatwick were called off after employees (ramp, handling and check-in agents) won better pay offers from four contractor companies. This time, it is the employees of the companies Red Handling and Wilson James who will go on strike.

Red Handling and Wilson James need to wake up to reality, other employers at the airport are willing to pay the going rate and there is no excuse for them not to do the same“, said Sharon Graham, general secretary of Unite.

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