Lockheed Martin Australia Selected as Australian Defense Force Strategic Partner for AIR6500

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Lockheed Martin has been selected as a strategic partner of the Australian Department of Defense for the AIR6500 Phase 1 project. This revolutionary project will provide the Australian Defense Force with an air battle management system improving their defense against air and missile threats. advances.

Lockheed Martin has been appointed as a strategic partner for AIR6500-1, enhancing the defense capability of the ADF.

Canberra-based Lockheed Martin has been named by the Department of Defense as a strategic partner for the entry into force of AIR6500 Phase 1 (AIR6500-1). AIR6500-1 will provide the Australian Defense Force (ADF) with a Joint Air Battle Management System (JABMS) that will be at the heart of the ADF’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) capability. This first-of-its-kind system will improve situational awareness, defense against increasingly advanced air and missile threats, and increase levels of ADF interoperability with the United States and partner allies.

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