Lithuania wants to be a destination for kitesurfing

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Extreme sports enthusiasts eagerly design their vacations around water-related activities, which has led to an increase in aquatic adventure tourism. With 3,000 lakes and over 90 kilometers of coastline on the Baltic Sea, Lithuania is a tempting destination for kitesurfing, wakeboarding and surfing enthusiasts. As spring weather steadily seeps into the country, beloved water sports venues welcome travelers of all abilities.

Navigate the medieval castle lake

Lithuanians have a long-standing passion for sailing – the country’s sailors glide across the oceans, compete in international sailing competitions like The Ocean Race and cross the emerald waters of the country’s lakes. Therefore, sailing around the medieval Trakai Castle, which was built in the 14th century as the residence of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, and is nestled not far from the capital Vilnius, is a must for all visiting sailors.

Sailors will have the chance to bask in the picture-perfect Galvė Lake, which enchants with its deep waters, more than 20 islands scattered around it and unparalleled views of the exuberant greenery and the legendary castle.

The Vilnius Yacht Club, the oldest yachting and sailing organization in Lithuania, organizes regattas, and one of them, the Platu 25 Lithuanian Cup, starts in a month. Those hesitant to operate a yacht themselves can take a boat trip around the lake or even do some stress-free exploring with a water bike.

A stopover at the most modern wakeboard park in Europe

Wakeboarding is rapidly sweeping Lithuania, which has more than 30 wake parks across the country. Seasoned wakeboarders have designed 313 Cable Park near the summer capital and self-proclaimed resort Palanga to create the ultimate experience for wakeboarders. Full-size cables that give an exciting spin around the water arena, 50 different features for wakeboarders with varying skills, beginner-friendly lessons and entertainment for the whole family like restaurants, yoga, an inflatable water park , a climbing rail and play areas for children. the park one of the most sought after wakeboarding destinations.

Travelers who can’t get enough of wakeboarding adventures can head to Kaunas, the second largest city in central Lithuania. Vanduo Marse wakeboard park tent with a modern cable system for beginners and pros, a restaurant to grab a bite to eat after a vigorous wakeboarding session and cabins to recharge at night. Kaunas is also the perfect city to swap aquatic exercise with a touch of culture – the Art Deco and Modernist interwar architecture, gigantic graffiti murals, quaint shops and restaurants will nicely round out your trip. .

Kitesurfer’s Paradise on the Curonian Lagoon

The village of Svencelė, nestled on the Curonian Lagoon in western Lithuania, is a top choice for kitesurfers and sailors for its spacious waters, gusty winds and wild nature on the shore. Svencelė Kitesurfing and Sailing Center offers container accommodation with all amenities and stunning lagoon views, and kite schools like KNoTS, Windigo, BoardHouse Spot and several others teach beginners how to tame the wind and waves.

Keen kitesurfers spend an entire summer in Svencelė, enjoying water adventures in a tight-knit community. The location is also home to another spectacular gem: the Curonian Spit which lies between the lagoon and the Baltic Sea. A UNESCO World Heritage-listed 98-kilometer-long peninsula is a major draw for travelers keen to experience coastal wildlife, luring them with the chance to spot birds, admire endless sand dunes and to breathe in the therapeutic scents of the pines of the nearby forests.

Surfing along the coasts of the Baltic Sea

Traveler surfers will find roaring waves and wide stretches of sandy beaches to relax in at the seaside resort town of Melnragė, right next to the country’s laid-back port city, Klaipėda. Melnragė II, one of the two beaches belonging to the Melnragė resort, was awarded the blue flag in 2020 and is a top choice for active sports enthusiasts. As well as easy access by car, winding paths along the coast, and the beach filled with volleyball courts, basketball courts, a children’s playground, and workout equipment , the place is also surrounded by fragrant pine forests, making it a special refuge from the buzz of the city.

The waves near Klaipėda and the Melnragė pier are the highest in the country, and their swells are particularly attractive to surfers who flock to the resort every summer to ride the waves, drawing energy from the turbulent waters of the Baltic Sea. and bask in the lazy summer sun. . Surf schools such as Banglentė, SurfCamp, Surf Style LT and others teach courses for beginners and more advanced surfers and organize camps.

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