Libya: at least 5,300 dead after floods devastated dams and homes

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Let the tragedy of Morocco not obscure the incredible disaster that occurred in Libya following Hurricane Daniel, floods and two dams which gave way and razed the city of Derna…

At least 5,300 people are presumed dead, the eastern government’s Interior Ministry, backed by the eastern-based parliament, said Tuesday, state media LANA reported Tuesday.

In the eastern town of Derna, which suffered the most damage, some 6,000 people are still missing, Almasar Othman Abduljalil, health minister in the parliament-backed government, told Libyan television. from eastern Libya. Abduljalil visited Derna on Monday and described parts of the city as a “ghost town.”

The rain is the result of a very strong depression which caused catastrophic flooding in Greece last week and spread towards the Mediterranean before transforming into a tropical cyclone. This weather phenomenon is similar to storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic or typhoons in the Pacific.

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