Leisure: Vueling reveals the three favorite destinations for its French passengers

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The top 3 summer destinations 2023 according to the low cost Vuelinga subsidiary of IAG are Barcelona, ​​Milan and London.

Leisure travel. In a press release, Vueling announcement three European cities emerging as major poles of attraction for its passengers. Barcelona, the cultural jewel. This dynamic city rises to the top of the rankings, attracting travelers with its cultural richness and a diversity of attractions that will make travelers in search of unique experiences succumb. Milano, the epicenter of style and the Dolce Vita. Coming in second, Milan welcomes fashion and design enthusiasts, as well as travelers who want to try their hand at the Italian dolce vita or discover the architectural treasures of this cosmopolitan city. Finally, London, situated between tradition and modernity, comes in third place. The British capital continues to fascinate French travelers in search of learning and English-speaking discoveries. Modernity and cultural diversity intertwine in this city as traditional as it is eccentric, comments the press release.

Vueling offers a bridge between Paris-Orly and these three must-see cities:

Barcelona – up to 51 weekly flights, from €37.99

Milan – up to 18 weekly flights, from €27.99

London – up to 17 weekly flights, from €30.99

Vueling says it ensures its customers “Arrive on time to their favorite destinations”. She also recalls that she is the 2nd airline low cost most punctual in Europe, according to Cirium. Vueling even took 1st place among low-cost airlines per hour for Paris-CDG and Paris-Orly airports.

Since its establishment in France in 2004, Vueling has established itself as the undisputed leader in flights linking France to Spain. According to her, one in three French passengers opts for Vueling when traveling to Spain. The choice is even greater on the popular line Paris-Barcelona with more than one out of two passengers trusting the low-cost airline for their trip.

Vueling, airline of the group AGI (International Airlines Group, is one of the main low-cost airlines in Europe and a key player in connections with Spain. Vueling is also the reference company at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport as well as on d other major markets such as the city of Bilbao, or on the routes between the mainland, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

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