Le Pays du Mans at the Salon des Randonneurs in Lyon from March 24 to 26

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Nature destination par excellence, the Pays du Mans invites you to Lyon from March 24 to 26 at the Salon des Randonneurs. The opportunity to discover, if it is not yet done, a small part of France conducive to hiking and to the many assets far from being limited, as one would be wrong to believe it to its nonetheless delicious rillettes and its unmissable car race which this year will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Need to clear your mind, get oxygen, simply breathe, even for a weekend? Look no further, the destination is all found! The Country of Le Mans has indeed a vast network of marked trails and allowing to discover a preserved nature on the occasion of hikes of all types (on foot, on horseback or by bicycle) and of all levels, whatever the season.

Thus, bordering the city, theNature’s Ark, an area of ​​500 hectares of bocage, forest and river awaits you. By following the Nature Blvd.you will be able to walk from the Maison de la Forêt to the Maison de l’Eau passing by that of the Prairie with its conservatory farm before following the Sarthe which will take you without difficulty to the foot of the Cité Plantagenêt, heart history of Le Mans.

As for lovers of beautiful forests, let them be reassured. THE Country of Le Mans will be able to meet their wishes. Enter here Forest of Bercélabeled “Exceptional forest” where sits Carnuta, the Museum of Man and the Forest at the very remarkable national forest of Sillé-le-Guillaume hiding, under its branches, the mythical Coco Plage on the shores of the lake of the same name, passing through the ponds and woods of Loudon or the Petite Charnie foresteveryone will be able to take advantage of unique landscapes and observe the animals in the morning mist or even from the top of the Deer Jumpetc.

For those who, finally, like to combine hiking and culture, here again, the Pays du Mans offers thematic circuits allowing you to discover the many treasures sometimes hidden in the territory. Thus, from the capital of Sarthe (with her Gallo-Roman wallher Medieval cityhis masterpieces of Street art without forgetting the enchanting vaults of the chapel of the musical angels of the Saint-Julien Cathedraletc.) to the surrounding countryside with the Garden of Atmospheres of Little Bordeaux, the surprising Teloche lime kiln become citadels of the angels or even the Balloon Dungeon and its remarkable garden, the castles of Sourches and Forestry to cite just a few examples, THE Country of Le Mans has something to satisfy the most curious of hikers, not to mention the recent interpretation trails allowing to soak up the industrial past of the territory between automobile and inventions, culture of hemp or even steel industry with the famous Fondeurs d’Antoigné.

As for theaccommodation, be reassured. From surprising bed and breakfasts to high-end hotels, eco-lodges, glamping, etc., the Country of Le Mans don’t miss beautiful and good addresses (suitable for all budgets) to put down your hiking bag, little queen or even, faithful steed.

In the same way as for feastfrom small inns to gourmet tables, the Country of Le Mans is a destination where it is good to eat while favoring short circuits and local products without forgetting some well-deserved specialties after so much effort (the Sarthoise pot, the bumblebee, the black hen of Le Mans, etc.) including some unusual ones like the Eau de Rillettes offered by the Distillerie du Sonneur!

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