Laurent Abitbol finalized the acquisition of Selectour Bleu Voyages

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We wrote on March 15 that the Marietton Développement group was preparing to acquire Selectour Bleu Voyages. It is an excellent business to integrate thirty travel agencies and platforms to process business travel. We bet that David Bernin, Cédric Jarrige, Sylvie Fillot will be keen to make this network progress.

Jean Pierre Lorente

Jean-Pierre Lorente spoke via a message

“As you may have read in the press, on March 29 I sold all the titles still held by my family in the blue travel network after 55 years of existence since the 1st agency founded on the banks of Gier by my father.

The Marietton group is now the full owner.

I am leaving operations to join the holding company as an agent and shareholder consultant.

I thank all those with whom I have always been able to collaborate in good harmony and in complete confidence”.

Laurent Abitbol

Laurent Abitbol, ​​President of Marietton Développement, Havas Voyages and Selectour has ambitions for his group

It is obvious that Laurent Abitbol will seize every opportunity to ensure an already dominant position in France in distribution and tour operating. Of course, there are still acquisition opportunities in France.

The question is whether he wants to expand internationally.

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