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For IFTM – TopResa, we lost Frédéric Lorin for Laurence Gaborieau. The RX Global group had decided on a new organization. Laurence took the tourism professionals show head on. This results in some changes.

Laurence Gaborieau: a very busy woman

Thanks to Emmanuelle Winter (Travel-Insight), we managed to take a few minutes out of a busy schedule. It must be recognized that IFTM’s sponsored post on Facebook had the gift of annoying us (with its little music). It’s all well and good to want registrants, but we also need to talk about the content.

So we spent some time with Laurence who not only takes care of IFTM but also other trade shows. We will understand the difficulty in finding a slot for a video call.

Laurence Gaborieau – DG IFTM – TopResa

Laurence Gaborieau: a woman with strong shoulders

When re-reading our notes, it was difficult to navigate. Laurence is so involved that the subjects are approached with a certain dynamic. We cannot remain indifferent when we have a person of this stature in front of us. You need to have strong shoulders to ensure the success of IFTM but also of the other shows for which it is responsible.

IFTM exhibition – TopResa

Laurence Gaborieau wants results

For the start of September, it is now more difficult to find new exhibitors. There should be 1,500 brands, 170 destinations and around a hundred conferences. She is working on refining the new features. On this point, Laurence seems very involved in the success of the 2023 show.

Among the objectives of the IFTM show, some challenges

Florence wanted to have a space for sustainable actors. Despite the fact that respect for the environment is emphasized in every way, it is necessary to see how to make this aspect of the trip and stay a reality.

She insisted on innovation in tourism, whether in technological solutions and of course artificial intelligence. It is clear that AI will change not only technological tools but also traveler behavior.

In its common thread, we find human resources. This is an important subject because the profession lacks personnel and attracts too little, perhaps given the low salaries.

Laurence wants IFTM to be the place for trends

We should have the right to barometers. We hope that these will go beyond what is produced by Orchestra and sent to a single colleague. Laurence would like the show to highlight the major trends in the profession and business travel policies. These are good ideas.

conferences – discussions

Better attended conferences

The conference program is dense and does not necessarily attract crowds. It’s a shame because the speakers often convey interesting messages. Laurence emphasizes her wish to hear contradictions, different visions. There will be a QR code to have the report of each conference. Handy when you miss one. We will have the program very soon.

The MICE space is one of the new features

In 2022, MICE was represented at the IFTM by a tour made up of 162 exhibitors. The subject was the subject of 5 conferences. 4,400 visitors came to the show looking for MICE solutions.

This year, to respond to the strong interest in the sector, the IFTM has created a brand new MICE Village of nearly 500m² strategically positioned at the heart of the show, and is dedicating 3 conference cycles dedicated to the MICE sector.

Reception agencies, event venues, TMC, Hotel chains, MICE payment card, Venue platform, International room reservation platform…all MICE companies and destinations will be highlighted thanks to a new concept created around gamification, through a unique experiential journey.

Destination France

The French space poses some difficulties

This space will be better integrated into the living room. It must be emphasized that France retains more than 75% of French vacationers. It is therefore a strategic destination dominated for the moment by vacation rental offers. It is a fact that it is impossible to ignore the destination. Agencies established in supermarkets have long offered this type of product with some success.


Another regret with the influencer village

While information is provided by specialized professional media, influencers are in the spotlight. Tourism journalists are not highlighted through the Association of Tourism Journalists.

New features in the Travel Agent Cup

Participants are selected by viewing videos sent by interested parties. At the show, the selected candidates will present their know-how as in a travel agency.

As a reminder, Jordan is the official partner of the show

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