LATAM Airlines: a pilot in absolute medical emergency on a flight from Miami to Chile

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Flight LATAM Airlines from Miami to Santiago, Chile, was diverted to Panama on Monday after a pilot suffered a medical emergency in the air.

The airline said the plane was traveling to Santiago, Chile from Miami, Florida when one of the three crew members flying the plane needed medical assistance, a LATAM Airlines Group said in a statement. The other two pilots diverted to Tocumen International Airport at Panama Cityin Panama, where first responders tried to help the pilot, but he died, the airline said.

“LATAM Group is deeply saddened by this event and takes this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to the family of our employee,” said the South American airline. “We are grateful for his 25 years of service to LATAM, distinguished by his dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm. »

Even rare, the death of a pilot in mid-flight legitimizes the need to have at least two pilots in the cockpit, or even more on long-haul flights.

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