La Palma: a passenger who missed his Ryanair flight trashes the boarding gate

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Last Thursday, a man, who claimed to have missed his Ryanair flight RYR-2295 to Gran Canaria, became very angry, destroying the furniture and attacking the ground staff of Ryanair.

At 5:43 a.m. this Thursday, security staff at Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) received an emergency call from Ryanair ground staff. A very violent passenger, who had missed his low-cost flight, attacked the airline employees who were still at the boarding gate C-62, reports the Spanish media La Ultima Hora.

In total, six security agents went to the scene very quickly and the Civil Guard was informed. Upon arrival, they observed an extremely aggressive passenger who had taken off his shirt and was destroying furniture at the boarding gate. At one point, he picked up a computer and threw it against one of the walls and did the same to the chair, printer and other items.

In what appears as a state of dementiathe man attacked an operator Ryanair. At one point he entered the women’s restroom where he grabbed a piece of mirror which he had broken, cut himself on the chest and abdomen and threatened people present to commit suicide. The guards managed to hold him until the arrival of the Civil Guard. Immediately afterwards, they arrested him. He was taken to hospital for treatment and is now detained at Palma police headquarters.

Video footage of the incident is circulating on social media, in which a shirtless man can be seen throwing furniture at the airport gate while a person in uniform, believed to be a staff member, runs away. The following images show the extent of the man-made damage, with computer equipment and various devices damaged and spread across the area.

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