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Although close to two larger and more powerful nations for much of its history (Japan and China), South Korea has managed to preserve its unique culture. South Korea has become a popular destination for several reasons. Korean series on Netflix are very numerous (known as “K-drama”) and of rather good quality. There is of course the phenomenon of K-Pop which has brought the country to light. There are many things to see and do in South Korea. The capital, Seoul, is full of sites to visit. We had a weakness for Jeju Island.

Jeju, the largest city on the island of the same name, enjoys a warm and welcoming climate that makes it a popular tourist destination

Many people go there to enjoy the chic hotels, bustling casinos and trendy bars.

Although most of the main attractions are outside of town, Jeju City is a fun place to visit, with plenty of fantastic restaurants, upscale shopping, and multiple accommodation options.

Many people use it as a base to explore the rest of the island. A visit to nearby Jeju Loveland – an adult-only theme park – will certainly show why the island is a popular honeymoon destination.

Special prices now

For the start of the school year, Korean Air is launching a promotional campaign and inviting travelers to discover the South Korean capital. The prices had risen sharply recently.

From Paris:
Travelers from the Paris region can take advantage of low prices from €901 including tax to treat themselves to a getaway to Seoul until June 30, 2024 from CDG airport, for any reservation before September 12, 2023.

From Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux and Nantes:
Travelers from the 6 major French cities can also benefit from advantageous rates, from €936 including tax to reach Seoul until June 30, 2024 from the 6 regional airports, for any reservation made before September 12, 2023.

Information and booking on the Korean Air company website

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