Kick-off at the French e-fuels office

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The creation of this new organization, which brings together several major players in the energy sector and synthetic fuels in France, is coupled with that of a French Observatory of e-fuels.

The SAF production sector in France continues to structure itself a little more with today’s announcement of the creation of the French Office for e-fuels. It aims to bring together various private actors active in the ecosystem of sustainable fuels and aims to initiate a collective reflection, bringing together experts, professors, researchers, academics, industrialists, technicians and financiers, around the role of e-fuels in the energy transition. and the development of a French sector.

Bureau members

Charlotte de Lorgeril, partner Energy, Utilities and Environment at SIA Partners, and Cédric de Saint-Jouan, president and founder of Vol-V and president of the strategic committee of Elyse Energy, have been appointed spokespersons for the Office for the next six month. The Bureau français des e-fuels counts among its members: Christian Gauthier (Purchasing Director of Air France), Paul-Joël Derian (Vice-President Innovation and Sustainable Development of the Avril group, Member of the Academy of Technologies), Raphaël Lance (Director of the Mirova energy transition funds), Daniel Iracane (Member of the Academy of Technologies), Professor Patrick Geoffron (Professor of economics at Paris-Dauphine University, independent director of Elengy and member of the Scientific Council of ‘Engie).

“Obtained by combining low-carbon hydrogen, a versatile energy vector, with other molecules, in particular carbon, e-fuels allow an indirect recovery of electrical energy to decarbonize current uses dependent on fossil resources in the sectors industry and heavy transport (aviation, maritime transport). Easily stored and transported with existing networks and infrastructures, e-fuels offer a solution available now, fungible in the national energy system”, explain the representatives of the Bureau. French for e-fuels.

24 projects to date for investments estimated at 3.6 billion euros

Along with the creation of the Office, a French Observatory of e-fuels was also created. “While France seemed to be lagging behind in the e-fuel sector, projects are multiplying throughout the territory. The projects announced to date already represent a production capacity of 528 ktoe (note: kilotonne oil equivalent) at the by 2030 for investments estimated at 3.6 billion euros, including 272 ktoe of e-methanol and 254 ktoe of e-kerosene, which would prevent the emission of nearly 1.7 Mt of CO2 per year by relocating part of the country’s supplies and by initiating an export sector”, specifies the Observatory. “The 24 projects announced in France would require 14 TWh (note: terawatt-hour) low-carbon, of which 85% for the water electrolysis process and 15% for the synthesis of the e-fuels themselves”.

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