Kenya no longer issues visa on arrival

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According to information from the competent Kenyan authorities, it is no longer possible to issue visas on arrival. Visas must be applied for online prior to travel. Further information can be obtained from the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Paris. Anti-government protests in recent weeks have been very violent.

Events since March 2023

Demonstrations by the opposition party “Azimio” against the Kenyan government took place in various parts of Kenya during the month of July. There was considerable looting and material damage. Kenyan security forces have notably used tear gas against the demonstrators. Over 300 arrests were made. According to unconfirmed reports, seven people died among protesters in different parts of the country. Southern counties were particularly hard hit on July 12, 2023.

More events are expected in the near future.

Protests could include, but are not limited to, multiple locations in Nairobi:

  • Protest actions in other places and in other regions of the country are not excluded.
  • Avoid demonstrations and large crowds.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions of local security forces.
  • Check with local media.

Intensification of police and military actions in the North Rift region

Police and paramilitary forces are currently pursuing the armed gangs who have retreated into difficult terrain, isolated ravines, hills and forests in the north of the country.

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