Kappa-Coralia-Eldorador: numbers still growing!

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NG Travel, which owns Boomerang Voyages, Kappa Club, Jet Tours, Eldorador, Promoséjours and Directours is doing well. The tour operator had already seen an increase in its turnover during the summer (+22% compared to 2022). Olivier Kervella indicated with a smile “For the fifth consecutive year, it is our clubs which have driven this growth”. It must be recognized that the number of clubs was greater. While the winter season was well underway, the conflict in the Middle East was already disrupting sales in the region.

NG travel brings together Boomerang Voyages, Kappa, Coralia, Directour, promosejour, Eldorador, Jet Tours

Growth driven by clubs

The growth observed during this summer (+22%) is mainly due to the growth in the number of clubs. There were 103 clubs compared to 79 the previous year. Olivier Kervella is aware of the trivialization of the club offer. There is overcapacity in the club offer in France. There were 128 clubs in 2014 whereas today there would be 500 in 2023. Unfortunately, the number of club customers has not increased overall!

Thai boxing – Kappa Club

The number of clubs offered will be fewer in 2024

Olivier Kervella believes that the number of clubs presented by NG Travel was too large during the summer of 2023. It was difficult to find qualified instructors, according to the criteria required by the group. There will therefore be a few fewer clubs for next summer.

How to differentiate yourself from all the club offers?

This was surely the main thought of the NG Travel team. It is obvious that several actions will be taken to improve the quality of products. For some clubs, there will be a greater commitment of rooms knowing that for most clubs, air transport is flexible. That is to say that the tour operator does not make any commitment to air travel and builds its offer on available air transport.

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Even better trained facilitators

NG Travel has chosen to contact different specialized schools to recruit its facilitators. Some are recruited locally and others come from France. The tour operator tries to select the best and keep them even if it means occupying them when the clubs are closed. They can participate in presentations to travel agents in Paris and the Province.

The development of the circuit offer (15% of turnover)

In 2023, the group would have benefited from 24,000 customers on circuits. This is an increase of 45% compared to 2022. 64 destinations are affected. Vacationers don’t necessarily want to travel together. Olivier Kervella explains: “Let’s take a concrete example: if we organize a tour in Thailand, the first and last days are free, and in Bangkok. Everyone can thus arrive at the time that suits them best, having chosen their departure airport or airline”. If we do not commit to the air part, we take risks on the circuits. Of course, the offer is also before or after the stay in one of the clubs. For information, the three destinations that work best are: Morocco (6000 pax), Egypt (4000) and Italy 2000) – long-haul: Thailand (2000 pax) – Cuba 1500) – Tanzania (1400 ).

Kappa Moments

Kappa moments!

It is also an idea to differentiate yourself from other clubs on the market. This involves offering original discoveries that allow customers to get closer to the population, such as a dinner with a resident of Zanzibar or the benefit of spending a day with Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Moments engaged at Kappa

Kappa Club is committed to absorbing 100% of the carbon emissions of its travelers and employees.

– wishes to eliminate single-use plastic in 100% of its hotels, with the help of its partners.

– ensures that 100% of its partner hotels recycle their wastewater.

– wishes to support more than 20 local families at their destination, solely thanks to cultural outings.

– check that 80% of the food distributed by its partner hotels is organic and produced in a short supply chain.

– promise that all Kappa moments and paid excursions remain in line with animal welfare and promote the preservation of endangered species.

Olivier Kervella, CEO of NG Travel

The management team has a majority stake

It is evident that the team ensures the smooth running of the business as they own the majority of the company. Andera Acto entered the capital, for a little less than 30% of the capital. The fund has invested around 60 million euros. As for Zencap, already present in the 2018 funding round, it should continue to support the management of NG Travel.

A final word, NG Travel will have achieved a turnover of around 450 million euros. Olivier wants to cross the 500 million euro mark in 2024.

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