Kappa Club celebrates its 10th anniversary and advocates responsible tourism

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After a decade of reinventing the concept of vacation club, the brand today once again affirms its commitment to responsible practices, both towards the environment and towards local populations, in order to build a new way of traveling. During this 10th season, Kappa Club saw more than 50,000 customers take part in the adventure this year!

Kappa Club

The holiday club open to discovery

At Kappa Club the notion of destination takes on its full meaning. Thus, each of the 32 destinations tinges the club experience with its particularities, whether cultural, social or environmental.

In a high-end and warm setting, the French-speaking brand of course honors the services expected in a vacation club (sports activities, games, evenings, children’s club, etc.), but it also offers dedicated activities within its premises. to discover, such as local cooking classes or introduction to local sports, for example Thai boxing for the more daring, the national sport of Thailand. And to go further in authenticity, guests are invited to leave the club through “Kappa Moments” included in the stay:

Kappa Club and the meeting of communities

Spiritual Retreat with Buddhist Monks in Thailand

Traditional tales around the fire in Senegal with Serigne, the African griot

Dinner with a local: Mirella in Mauritius and her famous initiation to the rum route

Maé in Thailand and her pandan cake…

Meeting with fishermen in Zanzibar

Cooking classes at Fatima in Marrakech

Bivouac among the olive trees in Crete at Yanis’s


Meetings with communities, support for ecological and solidarity initiatives, young and old have the opportunity to live immersive experiences.

Beyond meeting the expectations of club travelers, Kappa Club aims to be the missing link in a virtuous circle where the vacations of some are organized with kindness and respect for others. With its social impact in mind, Kappa Club concretely supports several hundred local families through outings and activities, which contributes to the economic development of different communities which derive a new source of income.

Kappa Club

Manifesto for eco-responsible tourism

At Kappa Club, eco-responsibility is a DNA story. Since its creation with the opening of the first club hotel in Mauritius, and its 38 clubs today, the group has continued to rethink the way of traveling by sharing its vision both with travelers and with its customers. partners.

In 2019, Kappa Club published its manifesto for sustainable tourism, setting out eight ambitious commitments. The first and undoubtedly the strongest is the total compensation of the carbon emissions of its customers and employees by 2024. A first in the holiday club sector! In 2023, the club announces that it has already reached half of this objective, which Olivier Kervella, CEO of NG Travel, welcomes.

In addition, thanks to the collaboration with hotels, single-use plastic has almost completely been eliminated and all waste water is recycled. Thus proving that it is possible to involve the travel sector in this process of reducing its carbon footprint.

An eco-responsible commitment that goes beyond generational boundaries by also addressing children with Kap’Pépites. This fun-educational program deployed in all clubs has encouraged, since its launch, more than 1,000 future citizens to participate in ecological awareness workshops:

– Ecological walks for the preservation of endangered species – Participation in reforestation projects

– Beach cleaning

– Educational, sporting and cultural exchanges with schools

– etc.

Kappa Club

The “nuggets” collected by the children are converted into donations by Kappa Club and donated to a dozen local partner associations. A comprehensive approach to training tomorrow’s travelers.

The desire to go further

The only Tour Operator specializing in clubs with the ATR (Acting for Responsible Tourism) label, the group wishes to invest even more to accelerate the sector’s transition to new models. This is why Kappa Club created its own endowment fund, Terres de Demain. Its objective is to finance projects selected for their ability to improve the preservation of destination ecosystems, create jobs and involve locals in long-term beneficial actions. To this end, nearly €260,000 was paid to the fund by the brand in 2022.

From the restoration of mangroves in Indonesia to the preservation of mangrove forests in the Sundarbans, including the rehabilitation of the Casamance ecosystem and the Siné Saloum delta in Senegal, each supported project has a positive impact on the societies in which they take place. .

Proud to look back and observe the progress made, Kappa Club intends to enter a new decade by continuing its promise. More than ever, Kappa Club invites its members and travelers to become eco-citizens and co-build the sustainable travel of tomorrow.


NG Travel is one of the main French tour operators with a turnover of more than 450 million euros. The group offers wide selections of tourist stays with a choice of nearly 50 destinations and markets its services through its BtoB (Boomerang Voyages) and BtoC (Promoséjours, Jet Tours, CE Evasion) brands while also offering tailor-made trips on the Directours.com website. NG Travel has also developed 3 travel club concepts: Kappa Club, Club Eldorador and Club Coralia, very popular with travelers looking for quality leisure and sporting activities, as well as authentic cultural experiences.

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