July 5, 1928 in the sky: A new record for Italian aviation

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Aviation History – July 5, 1928. The Italian Air Force set a new record, namely the distance record in a straight line, the latter being to the credit of pilots Carlo P. del Prete and Arturo Ferrarin, respectively, major and captain, who achieved to take the trophy from the Americans on July 5, 1928.

The two men piloting a Savoia-Marchetti SM64 monoplane type device thus evolved in the sky from Rome, in Italy, to Rio de Janero, in Brazil. A destination that they will reach on July 5, 1928, after leaving on July 3, 1928 to attempt this raid. It took them 58 hours and 35 minutes to cover the 7,188 kilometers of this course.

The Italians put an end to the reign of the Americans: the last two records in this area had indeed been signed by Charles Lindbergh and Clarence Chamberlin. The first had covered 5,809 kilometers from May 20 to 21, 1927 between New York City and Paris and the second 6,294 kilometers from June 4 to 6, 1927, between New York and Eisleben.

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