July 31, 1936 in the sky: New trip for Japy

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Aviation History – July 31, 1936. Already at the origin of several raids by air, which led him from Paris to Oslon, from Paris to Oran but also from Paris to Tunis, the French aviator André Japy, a native of Beaucourt, embarked on a new aerial adventure on Friday July 31, 1936, when he intended to fly to Algeria. The pilot wishing to make a return flight from France.

It was from Guyencourt, a town located in the Aisne, that the aviator André Japy took off on July 31, 1936, taking control of a Caudron Simoun airplane, equipped with an engine block capable of developing less than 200 horsepower.

Leaving before seven o’clock, André Japy will land in Algiers at noon, having thus flown at 275 kilometers per hour. There, he will only remain on site for an hour before starting the return trip to Le Bourget aerodrome, in the Paris region, where he will land at 6:45 p.m. His speed of evolution having been 250 kilometers on time for this leg of the trip.

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