July 3, 1928 in the sky: Arturo Ferrarin and Carlo del Prete in search of another record

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Aviation History – July 3, 1928. On July 3, 1928, the two Italian aviators Arturo Ferrarin and Carlo del Prete set themselves a new challenge, after having already set the world closed circuit duration record on June 2, 1928. This time, they would like to display the world record for distance in a straight line on their prize list.

To make this attempt, the two men will use the same device as in June, namely a propeller propeller prototype, a Savoia-Marchetti SM64, capable of flying at 200 kilometers per hour, equipped with a Fiat engine capable of develop 590 horsepower and 27 fuel tanks.

Loaded with 7,000 liters of fuel, the aircraft will take off on July 3, 1928, taking off from Montecello aerodrome, and it will fly without making the slightest stopover to Brazil, landing in the country on July 5, 1928 A transatlantic flight from the South of no less than 7,188 kilometers, which is the new record in this area. Mission accomplished for Arturo Ferrarin and Carlo del Prete!

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