July 29, 1909 in the sky: Georges Legagneux in demonstration in Sweden

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Aviation History – July 29, 1909. On this Thursday, July 29, 1909, the Swedes saw flying in their skies, for the very first time in history, an aircraft fitted with a controlled engine. A memorable event of which a tricolor aviator is at the origin. Indeed, it was the Frenchman Georges Legagneux who signed this performance in the presence of only a few Swedes.

And for good reason, it will be necessary to wait until August 2, 1909 for this flight to be carried out officially, in front of Gustav V, who is none other than the King of Sweden. For the time being, Georges Legagneux is making his demonstration in a smaller committee, taking off for this purpose from the large field of Ladugårdsgärde, in Stockholm, with his biplane from the aeronautical manufacturers Voisin Farman. Installed at his controls, the aviator will cover no less than 1,000 meters, flying at a height of 4-5 meters.

Thanks to Georges Legagneux, Europe discovered aviation, the latter having already carried out the first flight demonstration in April 1909 in Austria-Hungary and then headed for Russia in September 1909 for another exhibition.

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