July 2, 1933 in the sky: The Twelve Hours of Angers: top départ

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Aviation History – July 2, 1933. On this Sunday, July 2, 1933, a major aeronautical competition, namely The Twelve Hours of Angers, is organized, the latter, which is none other than an endurance race, seeing aviators compete piloting tourist planes on this occasion. It was under the impetus of the Aéro-Club de l’Ouest that the event, whose prize pool amounts to 100,000 francs, was born.

No less than seventeen people will take the start of the race, including airwomen like Boucher and Plunian, on July 2, 1933, Pierre Cot, Minister of Air, giving the “kick off” at 8:30 a.m. The pilots entered must cover the longest distance in a time of twelve hours.

The aviators Langlois and Burtin will be victorious, signing the best performance, being the authors of a flight of 2,463 kilometers 550, having evolved in the sky at an average speed of nearly 206 kilometers per hour with their Farman- Hispano. The two men thus winning 40,000 francs. In second place, we find Finat and Miss Plunian, pocketing for their part 10,000 francs for their flight of 2,385 kilometers 682, at 199 kilometers per hour on average, with a Farman Gipsy.

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