July 18, 1919 in the sky: A doubly deadly flight

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Aviation History – July 18, 1919. On this Friday, July 18, 1919, a tragic airplane accident will take place, the latter proving fatal for two airmen: the first victim is none other than the pilot Barrault who made a short aerial trip that day with a passenger, who will also die: namely Elisa Léontine Deroche, known as Baroness Raymonde de Laroche, a theater actress who was seduced by aviation and who will make a name for herself in this discipline.

During this accident, aviator Barrault was piloting an experimental Caudron airplane which he failed to right after a spin descent. And unfortunately, the theft will result in the crash of the aircraft. Barrault and Baroness Raymonde de Laroche will crash at Crotoy aerodrome…

The latter, killed instantly, will remain one of the great French pioneers of aviation. Holder of a pilot’s license since March 8, 1910 (being the first patented woman), she bowed out at only 37 years old, having accomplished great exploits in aeronautics: in 1913, she had won the Femina Cup, on 12 June 1919, she distinguished herself by setting the women’s altitude record by climbing to 5,150 meters and she was even preparing for the women’s duration record when death struck her.

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