July 17, 1958 in the sky: Henry Farman is no more

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Aviation History – July 17, 1958. On this Thursday, July 17, 1958, an illustrious pioneer of the air dies in Paris: indeed, the Franco-British aviator Henry Farman bows out on this day. It’s in the 16e district of the capital that he died, the latter being then 84 years old. A very long life he dedicated to aeronautics. Aerial locomotion has taken an important place for this fan of motor sports.

Aviation owes him a lot, to him but also to his two brothers, namely Dick and Maurice Farman, all three working actively for its development. Thus, during the year 1909, Henry Farman will be at the origin of the foundation of a flying school in the city of Châlons-sur-Marne and in 1919, he will embark on another adventure, that of builder aeronautics, by creating an airplane manufacturing company.

Henry Farman will thus make a name for himself as a builder but also as a pilot: on January 13, 1908, he will sign the first official flight on a European scale of one kilometer in a closed circuit, he will also be the author of the first city flight in city, October 31, 1908. History will also remember that he was the first passenger in an aeroplane, on March 28, 1908: Léon Delagrange taking him aboard his Voisin biplane. His career as an aviator will also mention several records, whether for distance or speed.

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