July 13, 1928 in the sky: Bastié, stronger than Finat

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Aviation history – July 13, 1928. Establishing the new distance record at the controls of an airplane is the new challenge in which the aviator of French nationality Maryse Bastié embarks on this Friday, July 12, 1928, the date on which the latter will take off from Paris region to make an attempt in this direction.

It was exactly 6:20 a.m. when Maryse Bastié, a certified aviator since September 29, 1925, took off from Le Bourget aerodrome on July 13, 1928 to try to break this record without making the slightest stopover and by flying a light plane, with at his side a passenger. An adventure that she will lead with Maurice Drouhin and which will be crowned with success, the young woman dethroning Maurice Finat, reigning record holder of the discipline thanks to a flight carried out with his wife of 868 kilometers between Paris and Tempelhof (Berlin).

The two traveling companions will take the direction of Germany and it is at 9 p.m. that they will land at Treptow-sur-Rega, having no more fuel to go beyond. Maryse Bastié therefore signed a record flight totaling no less than 1,154 kilometers, placed at the controls of a device newly acquired by the aviator, namely a Caudron C109 with a 40-hp Salmson engine.

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