July 12, 1910 in the sky: Charles Rolls kills himself during a competition

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Aviation History – July 12, 1910. On July 12, 1910, a terrible airplane accident claimed the life of British pilot Charles Rolls, then 32 years old. A name that has gone down in history thanks to the Rolls Royce car brand. It must be said that our man has a double hat: pioneer of the automobile but also of aviation. And it is this last discipline that will be fatal to him.

It was during his participation in the Bournemouth aviation meeting that the unfortunate pilot, born in the city of London, crashed. His crash took place while the British aristocrat was trying to shine in the landing contest. His loss of control of his airplane will be the cause of the drama that will kill him instantly.

Indeed, the stabilizing tail (which he had designed himself) of his biplane-type aircraft from the American manufacturer Wright was going to break in mid-flight, while remaining attached to the aeroplane, which was going to lead Charles Rolls to his loss, no longer controlling his device.

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